Payment Methods Accepted by Rocflygroup

The official payment methods that Rocflygroup accepts are listed in the following. If you have any questions about payments, or someone offers other payment information which is not listed here, please send an email to   for further confirmation.

1. Wire Transfer (also known as bank transfer, T/T)

Beneficiary’s Bank:


Bank Name: BANK NAME: BANK OF CHINA,Shenzhen Branch

Bank Address: International Financial Building No.2022,JiansheRoad,Shenzhen,China

Account Number: 744557931707

Beneficiary Name: Shenzhen Rocfly Blue Electronic Co.,Ltd.

2. Western Union


Beneficiary’s First Name: Xuefeng   Last Name: Wang

Beneficiary’s City: Shenzhen

Beneficiary’s Country: China

Postcode: 518000

3. Paypal Payment (Credit Card Accept)


Our Paypal Account:

4.   Alipay



4.   WeChat



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